“Working with Chloe has always been a pleasure and a delight. I’ve had a couple of custom made rings from Chloe and the whole process from advising me what stone is good/reasonable/beautiful, through the whole process of designing it to the final product. She really listens to my rambling ideas and thoughts and seems to always completely understand and the proof is in the final piece, that is always stunning. I highly recommend Chloe to everyone and will always go to her for my jewellery wants and needs. She is a beautiful superstar. ????”


“It has arrived!

I am all welled up.

It is beautiful and I know Mum would be delighted.”


“My ring is beautiful! Just want to say a big thank you for your skill and hard work and for going the extra mile to get it to us in time. We married yesterday. It’s everything and more than I could have hoped for. Thank you!”


“I was so delighted to meet with Chloe and talk through ideas with her about remodelling some old jewellery of mine that was never worn anymore. She was an inspiration and designed and made this stunning ring. I love it and it is wonderful to be wearing the precious metals and gemstones which hold sentimental value, but in a new way.”

Gill (case study)

“My beautiful unique wedding ring was crafted with such skill and care, from a dated ring designed in the 70’s and given to my mum by my dad. The was given to me by my mum who has now passed away. The original design was very ‘of its time’ and was not to my taste. I was originally loathed to have it remodelled as it was such a sentimental piece but after the first meeting with Chloe and discussing what I wanted, I knew we were on the same page as to how to proceed. And the finished article couldn’t have been anymore perfect. I am now the very proud owner of a wonderfully crafted, beautiful wedding ring that can be passed down to my daughters one day. I am also planning to have some additional jewellery made by Chloe using the surplus precious metals and diamonds that remain. Super happy and I wear it with pride.”

Liz (case study)

I have had this opal for quite sometime and it carries great sentimental value for me. I was so happy to have this remade into something that I now wear and enjoy regularly, rather than being locked away. I love my ring!!!

January case study

“So the two rings, the white gold was my original engagement ring from hubby, however after about 5/6 years I lost one of the blue topaz stones out of it. A couple of years later my Auntie gave me the gold ring with the tiny diamonds. It’s was my Great Aunts ring. Bizarrely it fitted perfectly on my wedding finger so I took to wearing that but I’ve never been a huge fan of gold and wanted something totally unique. Hubby and I had looked in jewellers at second hand vintage rings but I never found something I fell in love with.  Then I suggested to him about getting you to work your wonderful magic and combine the two rings. That way I still got to keep the white gold and blue topaz from my original ring, but also had the sentimental and family connection with my people Great Aunt’s ring. All combined into one truly stunning unique one off ring ???? The fact that you were able to make another thin band with the left over gold and the tiny diamond clusters that I wear on a chain around my neck was an added bonus ???? I have had soooooo many compliments on the ring and am so happy I chose you to make it. I love it so so much ???? “

Lauren (case study)

“Can I just say how over the moon I am with this lovely ring! It was commissioned as a birthday present for me and Chloe did an amazing job with the whole thing – right from helping to choose the emerald to re-sizing it to sending me the finished article. It looks even better than the photo! I can’t thank you enough and am already thinking about the next one!”


“Please find the enclosed ££ for the bangle you made for mum, she really loved it and it fitted perfectly!! Thank you for all your help with making it for her to fit the requirements, you are a very talented crafts lady!! …”

“I was lucky enough to be given this ring to celebrate our engagement. I love it! Everyone comments that it’s a beautiful ring, and some of my friends are very jealous. I can’t wait to see which one I get for the wedding?!

“Thank you so much for the amazing bracelet, you are a genius. Thank you for such and individual piece of art”

“So lovely to meet you last night. Thank you for your time. Lovely to see beautiful jewellery being made so locally. Looking forward to owning a little something “

“I love my earrings thank you! If I could review it would be 5 stars xx”

“Love love love my little wing studs!!! Knew I would 🙂 Thanks Chloe”