If possible I like to size your ring for you in person so I can get exactly the right size for you. However, where this isn’t possible there are a few other options


I have rings sizers like the ones above that are available for my commission, remodel and bridal clients. These are posted out to you with a simple form to fill in and return to me. This is a good way to get a good size. Additional information about getting the best fit is on the info that comes with the sizers. I am currently working on a return postal system but until I have managed it , you are required to post the sizers back and I will refund the cost to you in which ever way you prefer.


Print out the sheet below and follow the instructions on the sheet as carefully as you can. This form does say its for the US but don’t worry, I can take this information and turn into UK sizes. This will be a great reference for stacking rings


Other options

  • You can post a ring to me to size for you, this is a good idea if you know it is a good fit or if you are buying for someone else and you have managed to get a ring of theirs to size
  • Get your fingers measured by a jeweller. I use the Wheatsheaf sizing and will cater for half sizes. Please state this to the jeweller sizing the finger, if only american or other sizing is available I can convert the size.

Other things to bear in mind. Thicker rings will need to be about half a size bigger than your original size, and if your hands are hot or cold there may also be a half size difference from the original size.

Important Information

If you are providing me with your own ring size please take every precaution to be as precise as you can. It is your responsibility to get this information right and I cannot be held responsible for incorrect ring sizing. I will make the ring to your instruction and any error on your part may result in extra costs for resizing or even a full remake. Please feel free to discuss this with me at any point. I will do everything in my power to help you through this process if you need.