As all of my jewellery is made to order so this is a brilliant way to get bangles and bracelets that fit perfectly to you. I know people with the tiniest wrists but need bigger bangles due to hand sizes and visa versa. Or maybe you are small framed or need a larger size. Below you will find the best ways to measure your size so I can insure I get your bangle size right and we have a perfect fit.


The best way to size your wrist for you bangle is for you to measure your hand. This gives me a precise measurement to work with to get your bangle the right size for you. Below I have drawn a diagram for you to help you get the correct measurement.

Step 1: Fold your thumb in as far as you can towards or touching your little finger

Step 2: Measure across the widest part of your folding hand. You can use a piece of string and measure that once you have the correct size or use a tape measure.

Method 2: You can measure the diameter of an existing bangle. Make sure you get this from the widest points of the diameter possible. Also measure from the inside of the material the bangle is made from.

Bracelet Sizing

This is easy. Measure the wrist so the tape or string you are using is comfortably tight. I will take this measurement and make it a comfortable fit for you.

If you have any other questions you can contact me and I can advise you further.