Mentoring with The Jewellers Academy

Jessica Rose. Founder of the Jewellers Academy

The most exciting thing is happening at the moment, I am currently mentoring on the Diploma in silver jewellery online course. If you haven’t heard of the Jewellers Academy let me give you a bit of background ….

The Jewellers Academy is an internationally known resource for jewellery makers of all abilities. Jessica originally began the London school of Jewellery, then moved it over to online learning. The Academy provides many learning options. There are lots of online classes, from rendering images to wax carving, hoop making and much more. There is also the membership option, where you pay a small monthly fee and have access to a plethora of lessons. Jess also has a weekly podcast, as well as lots of informational blogs. If there is anything you need to know, I am sure you will find it here! On top of all of this, once a year Jess opens up the Diploma in Silver Jewellery and starting this year the Diploma in Fine Jewellery.

The courses are a year long, where each week you have a different project to complete and where your work is submitted termly for marking. The Diploma in Silver Jewellery covers all of the basics of working with silver; from sawing and filling, soldering and gem settings, to wax carving and metal clay. The Fine Jewellery Diploma has more advanced techniques that are covered within it. I’m quite keen to do that one myself in fact, as it covers techniques I haven’t tried yet and would like some guidance on. So, if you are considering learning about ‘how to make jewellery’ or to ‘advance your skills’ I would highly advise looking into the Jewellers Academy.

I am currently mentoring on the Silver Jewellery Diploma, which entails having 20 of my very own students from around the world! We meet termly for a 1:1 sessions and then have additional criteria for marking. For me this is such a great opportunity! I’d love to teach intense 1:1 classes in my workshop, but unfortunately it isn’t something I can do at the moment. So this is a great opportunity for me to help and guide people through the course… The best of both worlds for me.

As well as all of that, Jess interviewed me for a podcast today, which will be avaliable in a few weeks. So, keep your eyes peeled, as I shall send the link over when it is avaliable.

You can find Jessica and the jewellers academy team at:


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