Remodelling inherited or vintage jewellery is fast becoming a huge trend. It enables people to carry on an emotional connection with their jewellery, but have it remade in a style they will actually wear. You have no idea how many times I hear ” I inherited this ring from my grandmother, it means so much to me … but its ugly, and I just don’t wear it” … well this is where I come in, let’s make it into something you like, will wear and love!

Luckily for me I am privileged enough to work on my client’s jewellery and turn it into contemporary fine jewellery for them to enjoy … this is personalised jewellery on steroids. I enjoy the process of collaborating with my clients, designing and then making old into new for its next stage in the story of the jewellery. But most importantly the fact that I have been chosen to be trusted to do this means the world to me.

Not only is this method of jewellery design great for sentimental reasons, it is also great for the environment. Just think that when it comes to jewellery made with precious metals and gemstones, all of that comes from the earth. Remodelling your treasure or reusing unworn jewellery means that is one less thing to be taken from the ground. Win win in my eyes.

What will a remodel cost? Well, this depends on all sorts of things. But they generally start around £250/£300 and can go up into the £1000’s. Like I said, it all depends on techniques, additional metals etc. The best place to start is to give me a budget and I can work within that. If you are unsure of your budget we can talk through ideas you like and go from there.

The video below shows the process I went through to make Gill’s spinner ring.

I have also created a case studies page where you can look through jewellery that I have remodelled. This is always added to as I go, as every piece of jewellery is different and tells a different story.


Remodel T&C’s 

Chloe has a deep understanding that when working on a remodel project that the jewellery being repurposed is more than likely to have a sentimental value to the owner. Therefore, upmost care is taken at all times when working  with these materials. Please read the rest of this section for terms and conditions.

Bullion refining will be carried out with the greatest care. Please be aware that during the refining process you can loose up to a quarter of the original weight in gold/silver. If there is a need to add additional material to the piece Chloe will contact you before this is done. Where this is necessary the carat of the metal will be taken into account to be kept in line with Hallmarking standards.

Chloe holds no responsibility, other than that of loss, for working with a client’s stone. Due to the fact the history of the stone is unknown Chloe can not guarantee how sound it is and there for will not be held responsible for damage and breakages. Any breakages due to the manufacturing process will be replaced/refunded by Chloe Michell.

Any materials not use are returned to the client in eco friendly packaging. Chloe does not currently offer a service where gemstones or gold scraps can be taken in/towards payment for your items


It is now a requirement of the assay office that all jewellery that has been reworked must be reHallmarked. Even If your jewellery has come to me with an authentic Hallmark it will need to send be sent off to be struck again (if it is over the required hallmarking weight)

Ring sizing. 

If possible I like to size your ring for you in person so I can get exactly the right size for you. However, where this isn’t possible there are a few other options

I have rings sizers like the ones above that are available for my commission, remodel and bridal clients. These are posted out to you with a simple form to fill in and return to me. This is a good way to get a good size. Additional information about getting the best fit is on the info that comes with the sizers. I am currently working on a return postal system but until I have managed it , you are required to post the sizers back and I will refund the cost to you in which ever way you prefer.

Print out the sheet below and follow the instructions on the sheet as carefully as you can. This form does say its for the US but don’t worry, I can take this information and turn into UK sizes. This will be a great reference for stacking rings

Other options

  • You can post a ring to me to size for you, this is a good idea if you know it is a good fit or if you are buying for someone else and you have managed to get a ring of theirs to size
  • Get your fingers measured by a jeweller. I use the Wheatsheaf sizing and will cater for half sizes. Please state this to the jeweller sizing the finger, if only american or other sizing is available I can convert the size.

Other things to bear in mind. Thicker rings will need to be about half a size bigger than your original size, and if your hands are hot or cold there may also be a half size difference from the original size.

Important Information

If you are providing me with your own ring size please take every precaution to be as precise as you can. It is your responsibility to get this information right and I cannot be held responsible for incorrect ring sizing. I will make the ring to your instruction and any error on your part may result in extra costs for resizing or even a full remake. Please feel free to discuss this with me at any point. I will do everything in my power to help you through this process if you need.

Setting a clients stone

Chloe holds no responsibility, other than that of loss, for working with a client’s stone. Due to the fact the history of the stone is unknown Chloe can not guarantee how sound it is and there for will not be held responsible for damage and breakages.


All records of requested original personalisation are kept on file so that if for any reason there is an error in your order it can be traced back to source. If Chloe has made an error the item will be replaced free of charge once the original item has been returned, if the client is at fault a full reorder and payment will be necessary.

Refund or exchanges can not be given on custom or personalised orders.

Orders can be placed through any form or contact with Chloe Michell jewellery.

For any custom orders Chloe will be as thorough as she can possibly be, so if you have any concerns at all please contact her via the website, email or telephone.

Payment policy

All items are required to be paid for in full at time of order. Jewellery will not be made or despatched until payment has been made in full.

Following forms of payment are accepted. Bank transfer, PayPal, direct via website, cash, cheque and card payments in person.

Custom orders require full payment from the completion of the design stage. 50% of this is a non refundable deposit. Cancelation between this time and completion of the piece will result in the order being cancelled and the deposit being kept by Chloe Michell Jewellery and the remaining balance refunded

The time frame for remodels is different for each piece, we will discuss this as part of the design process.