Case Study: Dot’s Tiny Treasure

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Tiny treasure gold and ruby 5 stone ring handmade by chloe michell jewellery
Tiny treasure: Ruby and gold

I am hoping by now you have seen my Tiny Treasure collection. This ring design came about with the thoughts of the tiny treasures you find amongst the rock pools hidden with the barnacles. Since then, it has evolved and they are now available in every birthstone of the year.

When Dot (a fellow jeweller and dam good friend) came to visit me with her Mum, they decided they would like to commission the ruby Tiny Treasure ring in gold. The ring pictured above is a stunning 9ct gold. The contrast of rubies and gold, to me, are one of the most elite colour combinations … Actually, now that I think about it EVERYTHING goes with gold! But not every gem brings the delicious contrast that the ruby or emerald does.

These rings used to be hand built from scratch but there were a few technical issues with them, so instead I made the decision to have them cast. The reason for this is that the mould used for casting makes the ring without any joins in it, as one complete piece, eliminating any issue with weak soldering joints when the granules meet the ring shank.

The stone setting technique is ‘setting in granules’. I love this style of setting due to the rustic qualities and intentional imperfection it adds to my designs. This ring was finished with a high shine, but the silver ones have brushed finish. However, both can be made in either finish. So if you’d like to add one of these glamorous rings to you collection, let me know what finish you’d like on it. As everything from my shop is made to order you have the privilege of asking for these tweaks to personalise it to your taste.


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