As I make jewellery that is meant to be worn daily and loved it is bound to come up against some hard wearing. Rings will misshape, earrings may get lost, and chains may snap, amongst other things. Not to mention tarnish and wear. I have two kinds of services the free one and the paid one. Below you can find details of each.

Free after care service: 

For this service it is the smaller things. I’m happy to clean, polish and reshape jewellery for you. If you send me a message on the contact form or text me (07545 904374) we can arrange. It is pretty simple, you pay for postage to me, and I pay for your jewellery’s return postage. In this service is also any damage caused purely from manufacture error, although I take upmost care this is something that won’t happen, as everything is made by me quality control is ongoing as a piece is made. This includes Loss of stones, weak solder points etc. You will need to return the jewellery to me for me to establish what has happened.  

Paid aftercare service:

This is for things like replacement of an earring, repair due to damaged caused in wear, wear in general. For example, I have a horse riding, gardening client who wears her jewellery hard. She never takes it off and it comes back to me once every few years for replacement of hearts that have thinned so much, restringing of her necklaces and her barnacle rings will come back for a full remake within the year as she has worn either side of the granules away and eventually her rubies will be in peril.

The best way to start is by contacting me and we can go from there.